Major Golf Championships: Providing Ample Opportunities For Online Betting

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Being a glorious pastime entitles golf to have legions of fans worldwide. There are a number of people too who love to bet on golf. Taking into account the rigorous competition between golf players, online betting on a live game has become quite a pleasurable and profitable occupation. The fact that it is also legal makes golf betting a very popular game on online betting websites like

The fact that today Golf tournaments are held almost all year round sure keeps punters engaged. Some of the more important tournaments which keep taking place are:

  • PGA Majors:  There are 4 extremely popular and very prestigious tournaments organised by the PGA every year. Since these games are like the “Grand Slams” of golf, they always get the best names to play and attract media attention in hordes. Consequently they also see a lot of betting action; both online and offline.
  • The Masters: Taking place in Georgia, USA, this is one of the most talked about and well-known tournaments to take place in a year. Teeing off from the 2nd Sunday of April every year, this tournament is famous for the iconic green jacket that is given to the winner. In fact the worldwide acclaim that the winner receives attracts quite a lot of players. 
  • The Players Championships: The prize funds offered in this tournament are probably the best in the business. These are held every year in Florida and are often called the “Fifth Major” because of the popularity these championships enjoy.
  • Ryder Cup: Taking place after a gap of 2 consecutive years, the Ryder Cup is unique because it pits the US Golf team against the European Golf Team. It not only offers a star-studded event, being a team event it also presents innumerable opportunities for online betting.

With every tournament guaranteed to have nail-biting finishes, upsets and surprises cropping up unexpectedly, they make for great opportunities for online betting.