The Unique Features of Online Slots

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Some of the best slot providers aim to stand out from the competitors by adding new features to the slot machines. If you gamble online you probably notice that aside from free spins, you can get a bonus round or get a chance to play the doubling game, etc. Let’s find out which extra features are the most popular nowadays.

2 symbols you should look out for

Probably every modern online (and offline) slot has a Scatter symbol and a Wild symbol. They are both the most wanted symbols on the gambling field because they bring you additional bonuses, free spins, etc. For instance, when you get 3 or more Scatter symbols on the screen, you will get 10 free spins. It can differ depending on the company that developed the slot. The wild symbol has a different function. It can substitute other symbols to help you get a winning combo or increase the win 5*, 10* times, etc. The luckiest people in the gambling online casino get all the wild symbols.

What is a mini-game?

Aside from the main game, there is something extra for your entertainment. The rules and games may differ based on the theme of the slot you like. However, most of them lead to the doubling game. It’s very easy and fun. You get 4 cards from the deck and your task is to guess the color of the next card. If you are right, your money doubles. If not, you lose it.

The poker face – we have all heard about the poker face – it is not completely forgotten while playing online. Even playing online poker is the place to show the poker face from time to time.

Only here, instead of the effect the player makes on his face, then how you play and the decisions you take serve as a “poker face”.

Always exercise patience while gambling online. Do not be aggressive with a strong hand, or everyone will know when you are not and you probably have a weak hand.

Blackjack tips

Picking cards, standing, splitting cards into two hands and others – blackjack is actually a strategic game. But what is most important and is really in the first place is what the player should do with the “soft hand” so-called “soft hand”.

The “soft” hand is the one that hides Asa. As can replace both 1 and 11. Therefore As with 7 in hand can be counted as 8 or 18. It’s your choice. You discover “soft” 17. When it comes to “soft” 18, it depends on the cards the casino dealer will draw. If the dealer is 9 or above (10, J, P, K or Ace), choose, otherwise wait.