Tips on becoming an excellent poker player

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It is not enough to just begin playing a game like poker without a strategy. You need to take your time and get the game options on the table. Think about what you want to achieve by becoming a player. You’re not just going to play for fun all through, nope; it’s an investment where you’re risking your hard-earned money. Therefore, you need to focus on what is going to make you better and with time win valuable stakes.

Keep reading and get some of the tips you need to become a successful poker player. The tips here are helpful to the beginner as well as seasoned pros.

Avoid playing every hand

One of the biggest mistakes poker beginners do is to want to play every hand. Most of these want to just keep playing, even playing in hands that aren’t good just to be part of the action. The issue here is that playing more doesn’t increase your chances of winning, in fact, you could lose more. Be tactical, play safe and keep on upgrading your starting hand requirements.

Avoid playing when drunk

Yea, there are times you go playing with friends for low stakes just to have fun. However, if you’re in a casino, watch the beer. When alcohol takes the better part of your sobriety, you don’t have a grip of the game and it is easy for you to make risky moves, which are very costly. Do not be moved by your opponents when you see them imbibe a few bottles, it could be a trick so that when you’ve lost control, they take advantage. Be sober; finish the game first before you embark on your bottle.

Don’t bluff just for the sake of it

Many beginners fall into this trap. They understand bluffing as a part of poker but they don’t know how. Many of these players think that they must try bluff for them to win and this is a misconception. Bluffs will only work against some people and in certain situations. And if you’re dealing with a player that is always calling to the showdown, and then forget about bluffing that player, it is risky. Therefore, when you want to bluff, don’t just do it because you want to, tread carefully.

Pay attention to the cards on the table

When you start playing, it is good to pay attention to your own hand but after you’ve got down, you need to be aware of what is going on at the table. Think about the best hand that will fit the flop. If you are playing online Malaysia poker, pay attention to flush and straight possibilities. Consider also, what your opponents are keeping before you make any move.

Pick the right game for your skill set and bankroll

Depending on how you are experienced and better equipped, choose a game that you have high chances of winning. Don’t go for a highly complicated game when you are just a beginner, you could lose big time. Again, choose a game so that requires little money to begin and you can increase your deposit as your skills get honed.

Just like in many other games, experience is key to winning a poker game. Begin small and grow to big stakes as your skills level increases. For online poker, get a reliable site like bodog that has a variety of games for all levels and which allows you to grow with time.